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About JDM Motor Import

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    We are a direct importer of used low-mileage engines from Japan. We have been on the business for over 10 years and have gained lot's of experience and we have served over 3000 customers all over the world.

    What allows us to have such a large selection and low prices is the fact that we have our own yard in Japan where we dismantle cars for their parts. We then export them all over the world where the demand dictates.

    The advantage of a JDM engine is the quality and low mileage of the engines. A car which would normally have 150,000 miles here in the USA would only have 50-60 thousand miles in Japan.

    We have a large inventory and selection of JDM engines for your Japanese car, simply give us a call and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you, 1-562-427-6666

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